Discover the most effective herbal remedies for osteoarthritis

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Treatment of osteoarthritis from natural herbs is one of the safe and effective measures for patients. However, in folklore, there are many types of plants that treat osteoarthritis, making you wonder which type to choose. Following the article below will help you find the most accurate answer.
Discover the most effective herbal remedies for osteoarthritis


Ginger is an effective natural pain reliever and anti-inflammatory, this herb contains a large amount of  antioxidants, which  effectively help eliminate toxins from the body. In addition to being used alone, ginger can be combined with onion and roasted salt to bring about good joint pain relief. Patients should use the remedy of applying ginger, salt and onion every day, continuously until the pain is reduced, the frequency of salt application can be reduced.
The US National Library of Medicine also published research on the effects of ginger in reducing joint pain. It shows that taking 250mg - 500mg of ginger in the morning or every day helps reduce pain, stiffness, and mobility of patients after 12 weeks of treatment for knee arthritis.
However, ginger can cause gastrointestinal irritation, so it must be used with caution, monitoring for side effects.

Sue millennium tree

Millennium  is a precious medicine in Traditional Medicine. In the list of herbs  that are good for the joint system  , millennium is one of the leading drugs in treatment. This medicinal herb has a bitter, spicy, warm and fragrant taste, contains a large amount of active ingredients with analgesic effects. Millennium is used in the treatment with the effect of curing rheumatism, strengthening tendons and ligaments, only emphysema, aches and pains of tendons and bones, joint pain or paralysis, tendonitis, joint degeneration and pain sciatic nerve .
Some of the traditional Chinese medicine remedies that use the centenary are as follows:
  • Remedy for low numbness and muscle pain: Use 9-12g Millennium event in combination with Scratched Grass, Poison and Earth Rejuvenation Spirit to bring decoction into oral medicine. Maintain use of the drug in batches from 2 to 3 months;
  • Remedy for spinal degeneration: Use 6-12g of millennium to soak in alcohol or decoction to drink water. The remedy helps promote blood circulation, effectively relieves pain, strengthens bones and joints for patients with osteoarthritis.

Bone pain cord

Bone pain has the scientific name Tinospora sinensis Merr. - belongs to the family Menispermaceae, has cool properties, bitter taste, and can This is one of the  best herbs for the joint system  . 
Scientific studies have shown that bone pain contains a large amount of alkaloids, a phenoic glucoside compound called tinosinen, and two dinorditerpen compounds, tinosineside A and B. The pharmacological effects of this herb are as follows:
  • Inhibition of smooth muscle spasm of acetylcholine and histamine in experimental animals;
  • Affects blood pressure in laboratory animals, central nervous system depression manifests in externally observed symptoms of laboratory animals, synergistic effects with hypnotics, diuretic and sedative effects .
Based on the studied pharmacological effects, bone pain is mainly used in the treatment of osteoarthritis pain, rheumatism, paralysis, and human pain. Some traditional Chinese medicine uses bone pain in the treatment as follows:
  • Remedies for  sprains and  joint disorders: Use leaves of bone pain, oak bark, cinnamon, anise, raw ginger, cactus latex, chamomile leaves, morning glory leaves, buying leaves, conifer leaves, turmeric, blood senses, dog blood seeds, chyme seeds, star fruit mistletoe leaves, pomelo leaves. The mixture of medicinal herbs is pounded, hot and applied to the location of sprains and joints;
  • Rheumatoid remedy  :  Use an equal amount of herbs including bone pain and vajra root. Process the mixture of medicinal herbs into a concentrated form and take 6g daily. In addition, it is possible to use the remedy including bone pain medicine, earthworm spirit, poison, guise leaf, blood horn, rose hip, pomelo sprung, millet blood wisteria, fenugreek, oxen, processed into high and drink every day;
  • Remedy for back pain and knee fatigue due to weak kidney: Use 12g of bone pain, 20g of grinding, 20g of crane, 16g of weight, 16g of schizophrenia, 16g of broken bones, 12g of grinding tubers, 12g of scratched grass roots, 12g of rabbits company death. Mixture of medicinal herbs to be decocted or soaked in alcohol to drink;
  • Remedies to treat joint pain, arthritis in the waist and neck: Use bone pain cord to pound and mix with a little water, apply on painful locations.
Some other herbs used in Oriental medicine to treat joint pain are as follows:
  • Eucommia  : It strengthens bones and muscles, treats joint pain, and is good for the kidneys and liver.
  • Burdock Root: Contains active ingredients with anti-inflammatory effects, usually in the form of a dry powder and should be used twice a day;
  • Stinging nettle : Anti-inflammatory effect, relieve joint pain to a large extent. This medicinal herb contains many minerals needed for the health of bones and joints (calcium, magnesium, potassium). Use nettle  for  decoction and drink 1-2 times a day
  • White willow bark : Contains the active ingredient salicin, which is used to treat inflammatory pain, especially arthritis of the back, neck, soul and knees. This herb can be used by decoction of drinking water, chewing directly or making inflammation. However, white willow bark is contraindicated in pregnant women
  • Thunderstorm : Used in Traditional Medicine for the treatment of joint pain, chills, fever, edema and local inflammation;
  • Cat's claw : Contains anti-arthritic and anti-oxidant active ingredients, so it has the effect of reducing swelling, reducing inflammation and  boosting the immune system.

Notes when using herbal plants to treat osteoarthritis

  • This method is only suitable for mild cases, new symptoms appear. If the condition is severe, the patient should go to medical facilities for timely diagnosis and treatment.
  • Do not arbitrarily use these plants without consulting a doctor because each individual's medical condition will have different uses.
  • To ensure the medicinal properties of plants, it is necessary to collect them in the right season, at the right time, in the right parts, in the right way of preparation and use.
  • Patients need to be patient, not in a hurry because it takes time for these herbs to take effect.
  • If you notice any abnormality, discontinue use immediately.

 Sao Thien Y massage solution 

Every year thousands of people suffer from osteoarthritis, millions of people suffer from back pain. Even subjects with bone and joint problems are getting younger and younger. They will make the body tired, uncomfortable, directly affect our mental life and health. And if there is no timely treatment and prevention measures, it can lead to joint deformities, more serious is the risk of paralysis. Sao Thien Y massage solution  is a product that has been researched to meet international standards and is highly appreciated in the market today because of its outstanding benefits.
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Solution for external use to massage Sao Thien Y
Not only helps to quickly relieve the pain of rheumatism, aches and pains of tendons and bones, reduce numbness in limbs, shoulder pain, ...  Sao Thien Y massage solution  also quickly dissolves bruises, bruises, and sprains. , swelling ... after 2, 3 days of massage. The preparation of a series of herbal ingredients such as: cinnamon, terracotta, millennium, blood senses, trans-air, anise, ... in the form of high massage will help absorb directly and faster into the joints, from It has a significant effect on the user. Skin massage helps relieve musculoskeletal pain caused by weather changes, numbness in limbs, shoulder pain and peripheral nerve pain.
By applying advanced science and technology to the plant's extraction and production with international standards: GMP-WHO, ISO... Sao Thien Y confidently brings to the consumer community a Great product and safe to use

Recommendations to improve the best condition

In order for the condition to be relieved and improved more quickly, you should take preventive measures such as:
– Diet: Regularly supplement calcium-rich foods such as milk and dairy products, nuts, fish, shrimp… and vegetables.
– Increase movement: perform gentle exercises such as yoga, walking, jogging… to protect musculoskeletal health.
Constantly change posture, avoid sitting or standing for too long, limit overwork, spend a lot of time resting.

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